Lineaist Design presents our overview of applied Design Thinking.
What's your first name and last name?

What aspect of the Lineaist Design and Linebrand history stands out for you?

'Knowledge Work' at the core of the Lineaist practice has a focus on individual problem solving, as a departure from the assembly line.  Which aspect of your business is most like an assembly line?

Knowledge Work in the machining process of the Mac unibody has allowed standard CPU components to be housed in a more durable laptop.  Which of the following co-design tools would you want to use to innovate your version of Apple's unibody advantage?  (Thanks to our friends at

The at Stanford and IDEO are stalwarts of design thinking, both led in part by David Kelley who states that creativity, through empathy, is essential to success.  Linebrand workshops are built on this assumption.
Do you value an empathetic connection with your clients?

A luxury car company builds a prototype for $1M in a year.  IDEO makes a video of a car prototype for much less than $1M in a week.
Think about the “cars” your organisation might build in the next year.
How would you rate a virtual prototype service to lower costs?

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